A good idea
is not enough.

You need more to succeed

– Pablo Docimo, Founder 20V.

Why 20V.

We do not go fishing, we are snipers who select best ideas and people who have a real business aptitude. 

Once we found the one, we give everything you need most to succeed that few offer you nowadays. It's not just about money but it's about competences, decades of C-Level experience behind, network and all you need to forward trust to the market and to the next investors.

20V is a Venture Builder run by experienced C-Levels all by your side driving your venture to succeed.


We do commit to succeed your startup just because your success is ours as well.


We do guarantee and transfer know-how in any project we commit to achieve goals.


We are driven by a deep passion to succeed as well as by ethical values of business.
Pablo Docimo
Managing Founder

Experienced C-Level 20+yrs | Former Adviser to the 🇮🇹 Prime Minister | Founder 20V.it 🚀| He served as Managing Director, CEO and COO in large corporate w/h 30+ yrs business experience, strategy and finance advisor to many companies throughout the last 10 years.

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