About 20V

20V is a brand new concept in business. We build startups growing the seed of next digital companies, we work serving acceleration to Startups and we advise SMEs to serve growth and competition.

One stop-brand serving your business.

20V is a pre-seed stage investor into leading fast growth digital businesses. We invest in the most talented would-be entrepreneurs in the sectors covering globally scalable solutions, platforms and software.

We focus on the pre-seed stage and work closely with the founders providing strategic and operative support in a collaborative ecosystem.

We know that a good idea is not enough to succeed.

Why 20Ventures

Because we do not go fishing, we are snipers who select best ideas and people who have a real business aptitude. 

Because we give everything founders need most to succeed. It's not just about money, but decades of top management experience behind, a team made by integrated skills, a global network and all a new venture need more to go to the market.

Because, on balance, we give back more than we get.

Empathy and Commitment

We do commit to succeed your startup just because your success is ours as well.

Know-How and Achievement

We do guarantee and transfer know-how in any project we commit to achieve goals.

Ethical Standards

We are driven by a deep passion to succeed as well as by liability and by high ethical values in our business. With no exceptions.

20VA is the Advisory Division focused on SMEs and Startups. We support new founders, managers and entrepreneurs of Italian SMEs in designing strategic solutions and business models that foster growth and competitiveness. 


20V was born like a FO co-founded in 2020 by Pablo DocimoPablo served as Managing Director and COO at Telecom Italia Group (TIM) and several media and ICT companies. He's w/h 30+ yrs business experience, he served as adviser to the italian Prime Minister on innovation and as Vice President at Confindustria 'Consortium for the Industrial District for Telco and IT'.

Panelist and a keynote speaker, he lives in Rome with his partner and his lovely son.

Keep informed

Whether you are a startupper or an investor, stay in touch with us. We will constantly inform you about our opportunities.


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