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First and best than anyone else.

20V is one of the earliest pre-seed stage investors in Italy. We invest in the most talented would-be entrepreneurs covering globally scalable solutions, platforms and software that have the potential to deliver 10x returns in m/l term. We have an early-exit strategy and we use to open up to other investors on early stage just to raise capital for growth and selling a portion of our shares to recover a bit we invested in the business origination seed.

Sometimes we share the opportunity in the bud with highly screened investors, inviting them since the pre-market stage.


20V was founded in 2020 by Pablo Docimo. Previously, Pablo was an experienced C-Level, investor, successful entrepreneur, and former adviser to the italian Prime Minister on ICT and innovation. 20V team and network is made up by experienced C-Levels, managers and investors with decades of experience behind.


We deal clubs to raise investors in our basket. 


We open to direct equity participation in our investees.


Selected investors whose sharing 20V capital.


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