Hunting for talented people and brand new business ideas.
Better if both. 

The one-stop to build your venture.

We invest in fast growth digital businesses


We aim to find the most talented startuppers to build market leading ventures.


Investing fee in work value at pre-seed which may be doubled in grant in a round.


We work closely with our investees providing strategic and operational support.

Quick process

We have a quick assessment to dive your business idea calling you back a feed under two weeks. 

Investments tokens

We invest a 60K fee in work value at pre-seed which may be doubled in grant in a second round.

Founders oriented

Our investments sheet offers a fair valuations and require neither lock-up nor a board seat.


20V is an independent Venture Builder focused on pre-seed stages. 

Like a Startup Studio we either incorporate or, like a VC, we choose already established ones. It's not just about money but it's about giving you back experience by decades. In other words, we give back more then we get and we think that's right because that's the most you need to succeed.

No crowded classes, no workshops and no labs. We take a low profile approach focused on high-level targets, doing our business and making yours real. 

What makes 20V different

20V was born as a FO founded by a former C-Level w/h 30+ yrs to become in a few years a main independent player competing in its target segment. 20V team and network is made up by experienced C-Levels, managers and investors with decades of experience behind.

20V is the one-stop brand to build your venture.

20V does not fish, it snipes

20V is competing on the market through an highly selective program and with a very simple recipe: our goals are those of the founders.

We do not go fishing, we are snipers who choose the best business ideas around and people who have a real business attitude. Founders should own from the first step their ventures or they will not, whatever we'll run close to you boosting the growth.

Ensemble. Up to the exit.

Our first run.



The number of new business ideas pitched from a deal flow base by 2000+ 



Short list for a first step of acceleration and business design support. 



People and startups which have earned our equity participation.


Minimum Fee

Investing fee in work value at pre-seed which may be doubled in grant in a round.


We have no verticals, we just hunt for good ideas and talented people.

Our latest investees


A disruptive EdTech suite that boosts performance and grades b/on AI, automations and analytics.


Mnemonica Screening Room is a revolution of simplicity and power in Media Asset Management.


Connect. Synchronize. Share your warehouse. Increase productivity,
and maximize profits.


FoodTech, FinTech and StreaMedia B-projects are under validation through MVPs on the market. 


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