is not 
our rule

Because money alone creates false expectations on founders and should cause significant damage to a business. Same way, we strongly believe that a good idea is not enough to compete. 

Much more is required to succeed.


We scout for talent and business ideas every day.

However, simply finding them is not enough to turn a new venture into something real, innovative, and competitive on a global scale.

That's exactly what our mission is.


Seeking out the best.

We believe in actively seeking out best people and ideas in the country rather than waiting for them to come to us. We trust the law of attraction, but we are even more confident if we are the ones who connect all of the movements that bring the right people together.

20V is always seeking for folks who understand what it means to fight for life and achieve their ambitions. People who are unfamiliar with comfort zones because, we guess, these are the people who are best suited for success.

And we're there beside them.


Would you fly a starship without any experience?

Competence, knowledge, managerial and entrepreneurial skills, reputation, credibility, and networking are all prerequisites for getting started.

When the venture is ready we put some coins into the basket, and raise what is needed more to scale-up.

Our soul.

The soul of 20V has been shaped by people with decades of C-Level experience at major global companies as well as passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. We do not believe in the hype surrounding stuff. We prefer a low profile approach till the aims achieved, and we like working hard focused on business goals. Together.




20V invests €80,000 in RESRCLE its most recent backed company, for 10% equity.


SWAYFLOW marks 20V's first startup studio model with a control participation.


20V has backed two new startups selected from its deal-flow process




20V gonna invest €60,000 in its last backed one for 5% equity.


STEALTH one is marking 20V's second startup studio model participation.


20V has backed one new startup selected from its deal-flow process

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20V is also a small galaxy in the startup ecosystem where founders can find energy motivation and imagination, as well as support, practical skills and comparisons that will help sparking new businesses. And worlds.

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